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 Events & Activities 2007

30.12.2007 - KB Night Finale
Tonight was the last ride, finale for the year 2007. Gedebak... gedebuk... bunyi tayar landing. Pantang jumpa "launching pad" semua nak terbang. Hebat budok2 nih. Hairi will be enrolling to UniKL on the 5th of January 2008. Hilang sorang ahli KMH yang kuat melompat. All the best.
28.12.2007 - XC Coast 2 Coast  [ View Forum ]
More than 10 went to the beach!! The ride was awesome with more than 30 kilometers registered into the odometer. Ada tak odometer yang dah cecah 10,000 km dan belum habis bateri?
26.12.2007 - KB Night
11 turned-up tonight for the pre-year-end ride. Kedai Tun still inoperative so we headed for Kedai Stadium instead.
23.12.2007 - KB Night Jump
8 bold riders were seen jumping high off the stairs at The Green Garden this trouble-free night (free from trouble mongers that is). It was one hell of a free style ride.
21.12.2007 - Kok Lanas Korban Ride
12 riders rode this morning, "berkorban" for their beloved mountain bike hobby. 2 of the riders are from Kuala Lumpur spending raya holiday in Kota Bharu. The ride was short but commendable with some stunt actions displayed.
14.12.2007 - Jeram Mok Mek Nik Raindance  [ View Forum ]
A whopping 19 riders joined the Jeram Mok Mek Nik Raindance Ride. We made it to the waterfall at around 1025 hours after starting late from Kok Lanas at approximately 0915 hours. The ride was via the usual rubber and oil palm plantations. No known casualty recorded.
12.12.2007 - KB Banjir Night 2
Macam pesta! Kota Bharu town is flooded with water still creeping in by midnight. 14 of us were "sailing" through the watery town.
09.12.2007 - KB Banjir Night
Layan awek main air... fuyo...
07.12.2007 - Kok Lanas  [ View Forum ]
14 riders revisited the rubber plantation and oil palm trail with a bit of DH and Dirt Jumps. Video Link
05.12.2007 - KB Night
8 riders rode despite rain. Semangat!
02.12.2007 - KB Night
Keep it up guys...
30.11.2007 - Cherang-Kuala Besar-Pulau Kundor-PCB

14 took part in the 35km ride in the glorious morning. Abe Li tested his new Heckler. Awesome...

28.11.2007 - KB Night
11 took part in tonight's ride.
25.11.2007 - KB Night - Tg Chat
Big crowd tonight. 15 riders joined the ride. 1 rider "otok".
21.11.2007 - KB Night
Keep it up guys !
18.11.2007 - KB Night
"Maka beruntunglah mereka yang mempunyai kelapangan masa... untuk berkayuh."
16.11.2007 - Jeram Mok Mek Nik (Pics from Pechiko)
Pechiko did a nice review of this Friday Bash. Read it.
14.11.2007 - KB Night
Well done guys. Keep up the good ride.
11.11.2007 - KB Night
10 turned-up tonight.
07.11.2007 - KB Night - Pasir Pekan
A total of 20.11 km clocked tonight by 12 of us. The ride was just fantastic.
04.11.2007 - KB Night
Tonight was happening! New route, new kedai makan. 15 turned-up tonight.
02.11.2007 - XC Coast to Coast
A total 52 km recorded and everybody was tired, but truly are satisfied. Good job guys.
31.10.2007 - KB Night
Those whose are able to join the ride are indeed lucky. Some of us could not make it, bogged down with work.
28.10.2007 - KB Night
Alas... Most turned-up tonight. Enjoy the ride.
26.10.2007 - Kok Lanas
A re-visit to the track to pay off last week's erratic ride.

24.10.2007 - KB Night
Looks like most of us have finally came out from hibernation. 12 turned up tonight making the ride more fun.

21.10.2007 - KB Night
Five hardcore riders went out tonight. The rest are happily at home watching Desperate Housewives. Heh heh...

19.10.2007 - Kok Lanas Raya Ride
It has definitely been a long time since we last visited Kok Lanas. But the this ride was paid with joy when 12 of us entered the 20 km track in the rain. There was one casualty though when Ruffian injured his shoulder when attempting a 2.5 ft jump.

19.09.2007 - KB Night
Even though it is puasa month, we still carry on our mountain biking activity. The ride started at 10 pm till midnight. We had a nice "Colek Keropok".
09.09.2007 - KB Night
Most of us could not make it last Friday. But after a "long" rest, we indeed have a jolly good time tonight.
02.09.2007 - KB Night
Ten of us having fun as usual hopping and jumping on the urban side walk and tarmac.
25.08.2007 - Chempaka Accident
Our president crash landed this afternoon after successfully launched the 12 foot drop. He crashed the second jump. He'll survive. Quote of the day "Not everybody can fly - AirAsial".
24.08.2007 - Kuala Besar XC
Organised by Tuan Haji Baharun, the event was indeed interesting. Members cycled to Kuala Besar from Kota Bharu, and then took a boat to an Island.

22.08.2007 - KB Night
A group of us made a dash into the town tonight. While some cannot make it to the event, it was as enjoyable as it should be.

19.08.2007 - KB Night
Rain... rain... rain... that will answer your question. Nevertheless, we had a good time tonight after "resting" for sometime.

10.08.2007 - Kenyir DH
A group of us have a taste of Kenyir Downhill (DH) trail which was used recently during the Kenyir International Mountain Bike Challenge. Since most of us are of XC and AM categories, the trail is inspiring. It has definitely taught us how to control our bikes during high speed manoeuvres, doing jumps, and declining a 12 foot 75 degrees wall.

05.08.2007 - KB Night
At last, after days of evening rain, we had our change of urban mountain biking.
03.08.2007 - Chempaka - Banggol - Sabak XC
Members who turned up having a great fun exploring village trails around KB.
27.07.2007 - Chempaka XC
A few members turned-up to track the Chempaka trail very early in the morning.
25.07.2007 - KB Night
Clear skies, happy faces, wonderful night...
22.07.2007 - KB Night
The sky was cloudy with light rain. But that couldn't stop us from riding. Fanatics...
20.07.2007 - Chempaka Extreme XC
A few laps, a few jumps here and there. Short but exciting.

18.07.2007 - KB Night
10 happy mountain bikers jumping around town after the rain had stopped. A few happy lads makan-makan...

13.07.2007 - Bukit Bakar Extreme UH-DH
14 of us braved the steep uphill to the top of Bukit Bakar, and then storming downhill on the winding tarmac to the bottom. A total 7600 metres of UH and DH to add into our mountain biking odometer, a scary 62 km/h winding DH. It was on Friday the 13th...

11.07.2007 - KB Night
A whopping 18 riders turned-up tonight. A great ride, a great laugh, a great fun.
08.07.2007 - KB Night
Our routine, every Sunday and Wednesday nights.

06.07.2007 - Kok Lanas Epic Ride 2
A revisit to our "old school". Here are some photos of the flattened Bukit Botak. We just have to make do with what is left of it.

04.07.2007 - KB Night
What a wonderful evening...

29.06.2007 - Kok Lanas Epic Ride
A number of us came in 7 cars joined the ride. It has been quite sometimes since our last visit here. Part of our track has taken its toll for a development of a large housing project, the track where we all call Bukit Botak. Sad... The whole hill has gone. Those who say Kelantan is not developed please come forward to received a large trout on the face. Is this the development you really want? No MTB track?

24.06.2007 - KB Night
Luck was on our side. The rain had stopped, and here we go.
10.06.2007 - KB Night
Our weekdays' routine. No casualty tonight, everybody's tired.

08.06.2007 - Chempaka XC Mini Race [ Album 1 ] [ Album 2 ]
KMH has successfully organised its first race at the clubs new purpose-built Chempaka Xtreme Park today. The race is to promote the sport to kids and adults alike, as well as to promote our new track. Syabas to all for making the event successful.
[ Trail ] [ Map ]

06.06.2007 - KB Night
Dah lama tak kayuh malam. Semua orang sibuk gi kenduri dan bercuti.

27.05.2007 - KB Night Out

Ride around town in big fat tyres.

25-27.05.2007 - Chempaka Rebuilding and Testing
Our Chempaka All Mountain / Freeride Track is almost complete. Thanks to dedicated members who loosen up their limbs to touch-up the track.

23.05.2007 - PCB Night XC
16 brave riders slipped into the dark silent village road to Pantai Cahaya Bulan, another 28 km recorded in their odometer.
20.05.2007 - KB Night
Good turn-up tonight, a little bit of drama though.
18.05.2007 - Chempaka Bash at 1700 hrs
We gave a good 4 laps given a short time. New member Ustaz Azrul joined us today.
13.05.2007 - KB Night
11.05.2007 - Bukit Bakar Trail Seeker
The weather was good, 9 members slipped into the primary Ulu Sat Forest Reserves in search for a good MTB trail.
09.05.2007 - KB Easy Night

It was raining a bit, the road was wet, the stairs. Fun was not on our side tonight.

03-04.05.2007 - Kenyir Revisited
A few of us made a family trip revisiting the Kenyir International track. Pokcik was unfortunate to crash on the tarmac at over 60 km/h. He'll recover, a new bike awaits. Read his Blog.

01.05.2007 - Jeram Mok Mek Nik
A few of us went for a good mountain biking to the waterfall on Labour Day.

26-28.04.2007 - Kenyir International Mountain Bike Challenge 2007
[ Album 1 ]     [ Album 2 ]
12 members joined the trip, 10 registered for the race. Eventhough we didn't bring home any trophy, we indeed took the challenge. What do you expect? It was an international event! Bottom line, we dare to participate.

25.04.2007 - KB Night
It's always fun to ride.
22.04.2007 - KB Night
Fun... fun... fun... A fun night that was.
20.04.2007 - Kok Lanas
Very hot day that was. One member pengsan, but the ride was an enjoyable one.
18.04.2007 - KB Night Out
16 tough riders dashed through KB town, some came from as far as Kok Lanas!
15.04.2007 - KB Night Out
14 good looking members having a good night ride through the town.

13.04.2007 - Chempaka Loop
10 members tried an upgraded version of the track braving mud and leeches after the morning rain stopped.

11.04.2007 - KB Night Out
Even more members turned-up. The number escalated to 19 tonight.
08-04-2007 - KB Night: KK-TGAnis-KB-KK
A whopping 16 members turned-up.

06.04.2007 - KB-Bachok-KB: Kayuhan Mesra Parlimen Kota Bharu
Sponsored by the Kota Bharu Parliamentary representative, more than 150 turned up for the 60 km road ride.

04.04.2007 - KB Night
Met 2 news members tonight. Cool, the more the merrier.

02.04.2007 - The New Chempaka Loop
Tested the new Chempaka Loop. Many drops, a few climbs. The track is short but after 3 laps, you are already exhausted. Try 6 and you'll need the power bar.

01.04.2007 - Gotong-royong Chempaka Track
A few dedicated members did a gotong-royong fixing Chempaka track. Salute guys!!
31.03.2007 - KB Night: Ad-hoc Ride
The town was full of people flocking in to see the Sultan's birthday celebration.
29.03.2007 - Thursday Afternoon Bash
A few of our members did a mountain bike bash at the quarry and Bukit Botak.

28.03.2007 - KB Night: Shower of Lights
The Sultan's birthday is coming. Kota Bharu town is all glowing showered with decorated lights all around the town. Today's ride was also "showered" by 13 riders.

25.03.2007 - KB Night: Rain Dash
It was drizzling, but these MTB fanatics were dashing through the rain after all. Stopped for a good warm Nasi Kukus.
23.03.2007 - Bukit Botak DH, Quarry Stunt
Awesome! Almost 1 km of high speed DH, no braking folks.

18.03.2007 - KB Night: Tangga Thrill
Previously, that 2-stages 20 footer steep stairs at Tambatan D'Raja was conquered (in slow motion) only by Hash Malik. But tonight, Ruffian, Eri and Mizu have changed the record! Viva la Tangga !!

16.03.2007 - Jeram Mok Mek Nik
Managed to scramble 40 km despite the limited time ahead. Good job guys.

14.03.2007 - KB X Night
Great turn-up, 3 new members joined. Two members lost a pair of tubes, but never lost their guts. The team spirit lives...with no casualty.

11.03.2007 - KB Night, Green Garden Extreme
Wonderful night! Extreme bike stunt at the Green Garden. Ruffian punctured his rear tire after an attempt.
09.03.2007 - Bukit Botak All Mountain
Same trail, same bushes, different style, different tricks... same bike. Err... Jani tried his new bike though.
07.03.2007 - KB Night Ride
15 members joined the ride. Free and easy, but happening.
02.03.2007 - Bukit Bakar Hash
23.02.2007 - Kok Lanas Quarry Hash
Quite a number turned-up, every rides enjoyed even though this is our normal playground.
21.02.2007 - KB Night Ride
16.02.2007 - Bukir Bakar 3 - Exploring The Unknown
Arrived the night earlier, we've camped by the water fall and ride our ass into the unknown jungle the next morning. Come afternoon, we did another hash into the other section of the forest in search for a good MTB trails for upcoming events.

Was this a good ride? Hell no !! This ride was awesome !! Sorry for those who cannot make it...
15.02.2007 - Camping at Bukit Bakar
14.02.2007 - KB Night Ride

A fun and relaxed ride around Kota Bharu Town. It's Valentine's Day dude... and we've spent it with our beloved bikes...

09.02.2007 - Telok Kitang - Pantai Sabak Afternoon Hash
09.02.2007 - Kok Lanas - Bukit Botak Morning Hash

Diverting from our normal tracks... and we've found the scenic Bukit Botak (we gave the name of course). Who the hell know its name, there's nobody around to ask...

05.02.2007 - KB Night Ride
05.02.2007 - Le Tour de Langkawi - Kota Bharu Leg
26.01.2007 - Bukit Bakar 2 - Revisited and Explored

Arrived the night earlier, we have tons of adventure the next day.

19.01.2007 - Bukit Bakar 1 - Test Run: Touching the Clouds

The climb was damn horrible that only four-wheel drive vehicle can drive up the steep hill. The decend however was one hell of a downhill experience. Try to lift your fingers off the brake levers for 2 seconds and you'll see your speedometer shoots to 70 kmh. Awesome !!!

17.01.2007 - KB Night Ride

Ada gambar... tapi kena censored. Malik punya hal, heh heh.

14.01.2007 - KB Night Ride

Ada gambar... tapi kena censored. Tanya Malik.

12.01.2007 - Quarry Mishap

Hash Slayer did a "worrying" stunt! Luckily he survived.

05.01.2007 - Quarry Freeride

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