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 The Club

Kelantan MTB Hash was unofficially formed in mid 2006. It all started when a group of people having one common goal and love for mountain bike, riding regularly in the afternoon and weekends. The level of enthusiasm and love for mountain bike has since evolved from Cross Country (XC) to Freeride (FR) and Downhill (DH). We enjoy all disciplines, juggling our time to suit the ride.

As Kelantan MTB Hash eventually got bigger, we see that certain things need to be done in arranging events to suit the needs of riders. Riding in and around town seems to be too "plain" now. We need some "pain". Our local Kelantan trails have gone beyond Kota Bharu area, sometimes up to Tanah Merah and Kuala Krai. We also took parts in the national and international events organised in and around Malaysia (i.e. Penang MTB Challenge, Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh, Kenyir etc.). Yes, you can call us MTB fanatics (for the good cause of the sport).

In short, Kelantan MTB Hash (KMH) was formed as collective voice of riders, to group and organise events in a more systematic manner, to promote extreme mountain biking sports in Kelantan as well as to groom new talents in the extreme biking sports in the state. We are all nature lovers, trail seekers, and adventure hunters. Click here to join us.

Our Meaning of Hash

Hash clubs are normally associated with alcohol, party and hu-ha after completing an event. We do hu-ha, we do party, but we don't do alcohol (we also don't do drugs). Our hash is going into jungles or places, riding MTB, finding new trails, do new stunts, enjoy the ride, enjoy the companion of fellow riders, enjoy the scenery and celebrate the glorious nature...

After all, the word hash has many meanings. Perhaps our hash is a reworking of old and familiar material... MTB material that is.



Our members consist of all walks of life, from students to professionals. Nevertheless, no matter what your background is, we all listen to the same tune... the dirt, mud and the jungle tune of mountain biking...



Everybody can ride along.

Just look at the event and
be there to introduce yourself.


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